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 Welcome to The Physicist website
 'The Physicist' is a simulation package constructed
 entirely using C++. It is the successor of 'Physicist'.
 The Physicist project was started by Oper17 in September 2004.
 The initial versions were crude and simulated using Allegro.
 Then the big break came using OpenGL. The simulations had more
 eye appleal. However there were still many drawbacks.
 The main drawback was that the simulations were very approximate.
 Simulations of orbits and collisions showed a visible increase in
 energy. This was of course due to incompetent algorithms.
 The second important draw back was the method of expression
 evaluation which caused many commands to clash with each other.
 This was due to the fact that a crude version of keyword to function
 hashing was used.
 Then came Febuary 2005, and 'The Physicist' codenamed Goeppert  was started. The Goeppert project was an entire rebuild operation
 of the older 'Physicist'(Phy4win and Phy4Lin).
 No part of the code was re-used. Goeppert was built from scratch.
 The algorithms were researched and implemented to give a better
 accuracy and bugs were eliminated almost totally. The only
 missing feature is that of float variables.But that should
 be introduced soon.The current Goeppert project is halfway
 through with electric circuit simulation and solutions
 We sure hope it goes a long way.